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Met-Rx Meal Replacement Review

If we think about how radically the average lifestyle has changed over the last 50 years then the idea of creating a healthy alternative to junk food was a natural consequence. The increasing rate of obesity and related problems have been offered a solution with meal replacement powders known in the industry as MRP's.

Met-Rx was originally created by an anesthesiologist called Dr. A Scott Connelly who started the Met-Rx meal replacement to solve the malnutrition problems that he saw in his practice despite the patient being overweight. He believed that if a meal replacement can offer all the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids then the body will be more efficient.

Although he sold the company in 2000 for over $100 million the company still continues to grow and the countless customer reviews are testimony that this product can offer the nutrition that it says it will. The reason why it is called Met-Rx is because of the metamyosyn which is a blend of protein that speeds up protein synthesis when pumping iron.

But Met-Rx offers more than just good protein choices as it comes with an extremely well balanced carbohydrate ratio which enables all the muscle glycogen needs for anyone who is training on a regular basis. It also very low in fat and has no trans-fat or hydrogenated oils in it, which puts it on a completely different nutritional level to junk foods.

With no added sugar and therefore low in calories plus completely gluten free it has found enormous support from people who are simply too busy to plan the required meals ahead of time. The addition of 25 vitally important essential vitamins as well as the necessary minerals has put this meal replacement in a class of its own.

With a variety of different flavors to choose from one can simply put it in a blender or a sealed bottle and shake it up with milk or water and you have a full nutrition meal that will keep you on the go in just seconds. It should be noted that there was litigation in the late 1990ís to prove that the proof of the muscle gains and fat-loss benefits advertised by Met-Rx have not been clinically proven.

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