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Arnold Bodybuilding Tips

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first bodybuilder to ever win seven Mr. Olympia titles, which came from grueling workouts and unrelenting discipline and dedication to building muscle despite his genetic weaknesses. Because he was well over six feet tall his problem was getting his legs to match his huge upper body mass that he carried.

The sheer intensity and desire to achieve muscle growth in his lower legs can be demonstrated when he started cutting off his workout pants at the knees. He did this so that he could look at his lagging calf muscles and hit them whenever he had the chance.

Arnold took volume training and intensity to a whole new level and is quoted as saying "“You have to use heavy weights and sufficient volume to stress the fibers involved and exhaust the endurance capacity of the muscles". Gaining muscle from high intensity training is something that is now scientifically proven.

When Arnold realized his weak legs were not going to get him to win any bodybuilding contest he started increasing his volume. But in his own words just increasing volume is not good enough, you need to also up your metal game when you get to the gym.

Pushing your body to the point of failure and beyond more than once in a workout only comes with practice. Just adding another few sets to your workouts is useless if you do not put everything you have into those last few sets that you have set for yourself. Go hard or go home.

When Arnold was desperately trying to add muscle to his legs he would use every trick in the book. Using training techniques that either he invented himself or something that someone suggested. From drop sets to partial reps and supersets or some other pre-exhausting technique, he tried them all.

Every workout needs to push your limits to the extreme, which only comes from dedication and disciplined routine work. Training to failure once a week is useless, it needs to be done on a regular basis with lots of good food and plenty of rest. It is a good idea to keep a training journal so you can monitor your progress.

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