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Three Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Any Time

Bodyweight exercises are recommended because they deliver results and they can be performed just about anywhere. There is no need for a gym membership, a training video, or specialized equipment. For the most part, they are safer than weightlifting exercises, yet can still deliver very noticeable results.

No workout routine is complete without one or two bodyweight exercises. You are probably already familiar with ones like push-ups and sit-ups. Exercises like those are great because you can stop and do them anywhere, whether you are at home, outside or even in the office. Just make sure the boss is not around. Here are a few more bodyweight exercises you can do whenever and wherever.

Truck Jumping

This one is extremely simple. Stand still with both knees slightly bent. Then jump up as high as you can manage while pulling the knees in toward your chest. Extend both arms straight out as you do this.

You should land with both knees slightly bent. Once landed, bring the arms back in and repeat the motion as quickly as possible. This is a simple, fun, and effective exercise and it warms up the muscles for something a little more intense.

Bodyweight Squat

Once you feel the muscles warming up it is time to move into the bodyweight squats. This move is a staple in most bodyweight exercise routines. It is not too intense, but engages the full body and can deliver some powerful results to the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings.

Start by standing with your feet at a shoulder width apart from one another. Then, take both hands and place them behind the head with fingers interlocked. Flex your knees and hips so that you can sit backward with the hips as if sitting down on a chair that was not there.

Continue this squatting motion as far as possible and then return to your original position. During the squat, your chest and head should be held up. Both knees should push outward.

The Push Up

You are probably familiar with the push-up. That does not make it any less effective. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most powerful bodyweight exercises you can do. It is also easy to do just about anywhere that there is some free floor space.

There are a few different types of pushups. Different variations will place more emphasis on different muscles such as the shoulders or the chest. Following is the most basic pushup.

Lie face down on the floor with hands roughly 36 inches away from one another. Hold your body above ground at the full length of your arms. This is the basic starting position.

Now, slowly move your body downward as you inhale. Keep your head facing straight ahead and not at the ground. Your chest should almost touch the ground, but not quite.

Exhale as you push your body back up to the original starting position. Remember to keep your head facing forward. Pause for a brief moment and then repeat the process as many times as possible or desired.

An Affordable Way To Build Muscle

Bodyweight exercises can help you build muscle without destroying your wallet. There is no need to buy the newest workout machine when your body is its own workout machine. The truck jump, bodyweight squat, and pushup create a basic, yet effective bodyweight exercise routine.

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