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Best Protein for Muscle Building

Selecting the best quality protein when building muscle.

Eggs and milk have been called the miracle foods by bodybuilders since the sport first started nearly 100 years ago. The reason that milk and eggs are able to deliver a digestible and complete protein is that it is used for infants and our systems are designed to digest this protein efficiently.

When we compare protein like milk and eggs to other protein like beef and turkey or fish we can see a big difference. Eggs have been given a scientific ratio of 136 when it comes to the digestibility and the amount of protein that you get from them. Beef gets a ratio of 84 using the same scale so we can see a big difference between these two but turkey, chicken and fish are not a lot better than that.

There also seems to be a large part of the bodybuilding community that believe eating raw eggs is better than eating cooked eggs. This probably started way back when we first saw Rocky downing raw eggs after an intense boxing workout but that was nearly 30 years ago and we have learned a lot since then.

We now know that raw eggs not only take up to 5 hours for our system to digest but we also know that there is no difference, or very little difference when it comes to cooking an egg. The amount of protein that you get from a raw egg is 136 as mentioned above but you can get 137 if you poach them so you can actually increase the protein that you get from eggs by poaching them.

There are some methods of cooking eggs that actually do decrease the amount of protein that you can get from them like making scrambled eggs which will decrease you protein uptake from 137 using poached to 132 when eating scrambled eggs.

But if you are a bodybuilder then you will know that the preparation of your protein source is vitally important when it comes to watching calories. A fried egg will be around 220 calories and the same egg, which is poached or lightly boiled, would only be 70 calories.

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