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Setting Goals in Bodybuilding

Since the fitness boom started in the early 1980’s people have started using the word ‘toning’ less and less for a very good reason. The main reason why this word has finally started to recede into the background when talking amongst people who exercise and bodybuilders is because it is difficult to measure and very non-specific.

When we create a specific goal that we want to reach when training with weights it needs to be measurable otherwise we are simply wasting our time. When the objective is to gain more muscle the process is simple as it means we need to lift a heavier weight than we currently lift because a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle.

The same goes for cardiovascular fitness otherwise known as our VO2 Max. The only way that we can measurably increase our fitness is by doing more to increase the heart rate to around 70% or 80% of our maximum heart rate. This is measured by subtracting our age from 220.

The term toning is simply useless because if the objective when we talk about getting toned means that we want to get harder muscles then we need to lose some body-fat and nothing else. If you can stand up straight then you have muscles in your body and the reason you cannot see these muscles is because they are covered with fat.

However if your specific objective when you train is to gain more muscle then you need to lift weights and get stronger. As you know there are many ways that this can be done. The sets and reps that you work with and the amount of time you spend training with a high intensity will indicate whether you will be successful at this endeavor or not.

Correct form when doing any movement is of paramount importance if you want to gain muscle on a continuous basis without getting injured. Your goals that you set when setting out a bodybuilding program needs to always be aware of this. Your training program is designed to test your ability to lift a heavier weight with a sensible and steady increase in the weight that you lift.

We can all easily identify whether we are predominantly Mesomorph, Ectomorph or Endomorph and that will indicate what type of training we should do when our objective is to gain muscle. It is this predominant body-type that will guide us to the most practical method of gaining muscle.

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