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Anabolic Burst Cycling Program

The anabolic burst cycle program (ABCP) is a very specific principal that is followed which involves cycling of both diet and exercise in order to coordinate these cycles with the natural hormone output. The result is that over a relatively short time there is a massive change in body composition.

The ABCP is split into two different phases in the diet as well as the training. The first phase is the over-eating phase and the second and last phase is the under-eating phase. If you have been training for over a year the experts say that you should start with the under-eating phase first when starting the program for the first time.

This under-eating or over-eating will last for two weeks and then you will switch. The ABCP should not be continued for less than two months if you want to see real results because the body adapts to these cycles and these cycles become more and more effective the longer you maintain it.

The program requires you know your baseline maintenance calorie requirement. It is these baseline levels of over-eating and under-eating that are required to do the program correctly. You need to know how to count calories if you are going to use the program.

For example if you do not gain at least 3lbs in the first seven day then you need to increase the daily calorie level that you are eating by another 500 calories. If during the over-eating phase, you don't gain at least 3lb's in the first week, then you need to increase your daily calorie level by at least 500 calories. The same for the under-eating phase because if you do not lose at least 2lbs then you need to reduce the daily calories.

Although there are specific diets that can be found online that may be the exact calorie count you are looking for the basic food choices would be the same as any athlete’s diet with no processed foods and no refined carbs. As mentioned above it is very specific.

Over-eating Phase 1: The objective is to gain 3lbs a week for 2 weeks and you need to know exactly how to count calories which can be worked out by multiplying your bodyweight times 12. You then need to add 1500 calories on-top of that figure for two weeks in the over-eating phase.

50% of the calories will come from carbohydrates, 30% will be unsaturated fats and then 20% of the calories will be the protein that you eat. During the whole ABCP you should never eat less than 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. In the overeating phase you need to slow down or stop any cardio that you normally do in your workouts.

Your weight training is both intense and heavy always pushing to beat the last weight or reps that you pushed out. This means that you are keeping a workout journal and planning your workouts as much as you are planning your eating and counting calories.

Stretching the muscle group you are working between sets is recommended because the muscle "sheets" of the different cell groupings will increase muscle cell growth in order to both respond better and grow faster. Creatine and 3 grams a day of vitamin C and B complex is taken in order to enable this repair.

Under-eating Phase 2: Here the objective is to reduce the calories that you have been eating in the previous phase by 800 to 1000 calories depending on your current weight. The objective is to lose 2 pounds a week for two weeks and the calories you eat will be 8 times your bodyweight in pounds.

This sudden decrease in calories should only come from carbohydrates, which will radically reduce insulin levels. To help this process you are now adding 30 to 40 minutes of cardio to your workout which is advised to be done while fasting that means before breakfast after sleeping for 8 hours.

The training program should be changed to increase reps and using slightly less weight in order to maintain your current strength levels for two weeks.

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