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Doggcrapp Workout

DC Training Routine

Dante Trudel first started the Doggcrapp (DC) method of training which is based on key points that include: Very heavy weights, multi-rep rest pause training, low volume with high frequency, extreme stretching, carb cut-offs along with low intensity cardio, high protein intake and cruising and blasting phases.

Very heavy weights are vital when training the DC way. This means never sacrificing form for the weight you lift but always pushing a little bit more than you did the last time you trained that body-part.

Rest Pause is done by selecting a rep range and then choosing the heaviest weight you can lift. After you pick a rep range to reach for you start and push the weight until you reach failure. Take 12 to 15 breathes rest and then start again to reach failure. This rest pause technique would not be done on quads and back movements for safety reasons.

Low volume and high frequency with DC training you are only training one set for each body-part. Monday: chest, shoulders, triceps, back width, back thickness. Wednesday: biceps, forearms, calves, hamstrings, quads. Friday: repeat of Monday’s body parts. Monday: repeat of Wednesdays' body parts.

Extreme stretching is done after each workout so that the maximum amount of facial stretch can be achieved.

Carb cut-offs means no carbohydrate to be eaten after 6pm in the evening. You can eat as much protein as you like and 2 grams per pound of body-weight is recommended.

Low intensity cardio done 3 to 6 times a week for about 30 minutes.

Because the DC workout is so intense it is separated in cycles and there are phases of blasting and cruising. A blasting phase should last between 4 and 12 weeks where you eat lots and train hard always pushing to beat your last weight that you lifted. Keeping a journal of sets, reps and poundage’s is vitally important. The cruising phase should last for 10 to 14 days always training 20 reps and so giving your CNS system a chance to recover.

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