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Fascial Stretch Training

Fascial stretch training (FST-7) was originally developed by Hany Rambod and was created from years of research that ultimately helped to devise a scientific method of training to gain size. There are three types of muscle fascia, which are part of a very tough interconnected network of tissue in our bodies.

This dense fibrous tissue that these muscles are made of interpenetrates everywhere between the muscles, nerves and bones as well as the blood vessels. It all depends on the amount of elastin in these fibers that you were born with that will indicate how quickly you pick up muscle from training.

Some of us have extremely thick and tougher fascias that do not have a lot of elastin in them. Top professional bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath are good examples of bodybuilders blessed with a thin fascia making the muscle appear fuller and larger than it is.

We all need to make sure that our muscle fascia is stretched in order to ensure growth but injecting Synthol is not the way to do this. Facial stretching can be done right by training correctly and the number 7 in the FST-7 system is for the last seven sets at the end of a targeted workout on a body-part.

FST-7 is not only about just getting the pump using light weights and lots of reps. It is about stretching a muscle from inside out by volumizing the muscle. An example would be the bicep workout program listed below:

Alternate dumbbell curls 3- to 4 sets of 8-12 reps
Machine preacher curl 3 sets of 8-12 reps
EZ-bar curl last 7 sets for 8-12 reps with a rest of 30-45 sec between sets.

FST-7 training should only be done a maximum of once a week on the large body-parts like back, chest and legs because of the delayed muscle soreness you get afterwards. Because you are getting more microscopic tears when training with FST-7 you are going to need more rest time so be careful how and when you use it.

Professional bodybuilders that use the FST-7 training on a regular basis follow a specific program where they concentrate on the smaller body-parts twice a week without over-training the large body-parts. The training program below is a good example of how FST-7 facial stretch training can be applied.

Day one: Biceps/triceps and calves
Day two: Legs
Day three: REST
Day four: Chest and triceps
Day five: Back and calves
Day six: Shoulders and biceps
Day seven: REST

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