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Getting Bigger Arms
How to Get Bigger Arms in One Month

It might sound completely impossible if you think about the possibility of gaining an inch extra of muscle on your arms in only one month but it is. Following the guidelines written below you will have a better chance of increasing the size of your arms than if you did not do it.

There are some bodybuilding experts out there that say your nutrition and when and what you eat are more important than your training when you want to put on muscle fast. We will then cover a few of the basics that need to be adhered to if you want to get results fast.

You should use no less than 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, then you would eat 200 grams of protein daily divided evenly over six to eight meals. Nutritionists recommend that you take in 1.5-2 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight daily.

The fats that you eat are what is used to manufacture testosterone so you always need to make sure that this is never depleted. Never neglect those essential fats you need. EFA's and fish oils are among the many healthy choices for good fats. One gallon of water a day is an absolute must, you must drink the water to get results.

The workout recommended for gaining an inch on your arms is very high volume which means it will have a lasting effect and you need to stop doing this after a month as you will become over-trained and get all the symptoms that come along with over training like muscle loss.

The movements that you are going to be using for this increase in muscle size are all the normal movements that you do for arms like barbell curls. You can easily use an EZ bar if you like but the speed that you use to do the lift is important as you should do the concentric lift for a count of one and the eccentric drop of the weight for a count of three.

You will do four sets. The first one for 10 reps, the second set for 8 reps, the third for 6 reps, and then a drop set where you go to failure, lower the weight on the bar, go to failure again, and then lower the weight on the bar and go to failure one more time.

This is what you will be doing for all the exercises when you train arms. You need to also train the rest of your body in the normal way that you train. To add an inch of muscle in a month you need to keep everything else that you do the same as normal except change your arm workout.

Triceps are close to 80% of the total muscle in your arms and you need to get strong in your triceps to see muscle growth in your arms. Close-Grip Bench Press is a great way to make this happen. Again don't forget to focus and isolate the triceps as you lower the weight down to a count of three and push back up to a count of one and always squeezing at the top and then repeat.

Using the same reps and sets as above you are then doing alternating hammer dumbbell curls for biceps and the moving onto lying triceps extensions (Skull Crushers). Although you are not super-setting the changing from bicep to triceps you still need to make sure that you are concentrating on your rest which should not be more than 90 seconds between sets.

The last exercises for the biceps are Lying Straight-Bar Cable Curl where you are lying flat on the floor and lifting the cable towards you the same as if you were standing. The last triceps movement is Rope Pushdowns which will use every last muscle fiber that you have left in your triceps that has not been worked.

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