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Increase Bench Press
How To Increase Your Max Bench Press

If you want to increase your max bench-press that you can do then you need to first take a very close look at the form or technique that you use when doing a bench-press. This could make the world of difference so it is strongly advised that you get someone who knows what they are doing to watch you bench a few sets and ask them if they think you are doing it correctly.

Incorrect technique will not only result in injuries like a pec tear or rotator-cuff problems but could also put you out of bench-pressing completely. Your technique when doing any compound movement is vitally important and if you are a beginner then you need to spend time perfectly this technique.

Everyone is different so you need to take a close look at exactly where it is during your press that you are failing. It will either be at the bottom when trying to push the bar off your chest or you are failing to lift the weight at the top when you are trying to lock-out.

If you are finding that you cannot complete the rep because you cannot lock out and straighten your arms then it is your triceps that need to increase in strength. This can easily be achieved by dedicating one day a week to maxing out with heavy movements like close-grip bench, lying triceps extensions and a few others.

If you are failing at the bottom of the lift then you need more strengthening on your pec-delt tie-ins, your pectoralis minor and your anterior deltoid. This can easily be strengthened with specific attention given to movements like dips where you add some weight to your body-weight. There are many other types of movements that you can do which is something you need to speak with your instructor about.

The first step when trying to increase your bench-press max is correcting your form as mentioned above. When this has been done then you need to find out exactly where it is in the movement that you are failing. When that is done there are many other techniques that you can use ranging from a benching vest to using chains or bands when doing bench-press.

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