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Long Jack Review Bodybuilding

Long Jack has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years in the Far East and is known by many other names like Eurycoma longifolia, tongkat ali, Malaysian Ginseng or simply Jack. When the health industry discovered the potential of this bitter tasting tree to increase test production it started to be used as a natural test booster.

The tree grows in Malaysia and Indonesia and also parts of Vietnam and is also found in Thailand and Laos. The plant has now been conclusively proven to increase muscle gains by increasing the amount of serum testosterone produced every day.

In a study published in 2011 that was done on 60 men who weight train on a regular basis showed an average of 47% improvement in serum testosterone levels after taking 200mg of Long Jack for only five weeks. On average the men in the study showed a 134% increase in strength and a 3% decrease in body-fat.

After the age of 30 the daily test levels in men are released into the blood are less and less every year so the older you get the less testosterone you produce. Although Long jack was probably originally prescribed as an aphrodisiac hundreds of years ago, today it has conclusively proven itself as being able to alter the quality of male sperm production and fertility.

Long jack has shown to increase semen volume and sperm concentration including the number of well-formed mobile sperm which is why it is recommended by fertility experts to increase the chances of falling pregnant in couples who want to have a baby.

The reason why Long jack works so well is because of the organic compounds found in Eurycoma longifolia that are called quassinoids. Scientists discovered ten different quassinoids in Long jack in 2009 which showed it to be one of the best natural testosterone boosters on the market.

If you are starting with Long Jack for the first time it is strongly recommended that you slowly increase your dose to allow your body to get used to it. A light headache and mild fevers are sometimes reported as well as developing a rash for the first few days after you start to use it.

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