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M1P Prohormone Review

Methyl 1 P is an innovative anabolic product that is similar to the old 6-OXO (androstenetrione), which works by binding to all estrogen hormones in the body of both female and males and deactivating it permanently. This automatically results in the increased testosterone levels.

The manufacturers of M1P saw this as a disadvantage because of possible side effects and obviously not to be taken by women who will stop estrogen production permanently. This was illuminated with the production of a pro-hormone which is not a hormone as it is an intra-glandular precursor of a specific hormone.

The result of taking any pro-hormone will amplify and immediately potentate the usual effects seen from existing hormones. The problem with 6-OXO was that it will inhibit any aromatization of metabolites and directly affect progesterone and estrogen levels. But the new M1P Pro-hormone has absolutely no effect on the progesterone receptors and is not a progestin at all.

When a male or a female does not get any estrogen it will result in both a decreased sex drive as well as the increase in joint and tendon injuries which any bodybuilder simply cannot afford. But without estrogen there will be an increase in fatigue and cholesterol levels generally as well as memory lapses and night sweats.

M1P pro-hormone is a dry compound that is purely anabolic and will NOT result in the permanent shut-down of any estrogen production but will dramatically increase testosterone levels.

If M1P is taken on a regular basis and combined with good nutrition and hard training the results will be increased muscle gain that you can see. The customer reviews seen online make it clear that there are many bodybuilders who have seen the results of taking M1P which is not promoted as a "steroid" but as a legal pro-hormone.

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