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Multi Angle Training
Multi Angle Muscle Mass Attack

The multi angle muscle attack approach to help you break through a plateau is something that has and always will be a controversial subject. But before we go any farther with this is a discussion it is only for intermediate and advanced bodybuilders that are breaking through a plateau.

The argument that has been thrown into the mix is that if you can attack a muscle from a different angle it will change the stress to it is something that is not accepted by everyone as being affective. It is also a constantly changing argument that needs to take in a number of complicated factors.

There are those who say that attacking a muscle from a different angle is a complete waste of time because when a muscle contracts it either contracts or it doesn't and there is no way to make it contract from a different angle. But we know that incline bench-press will work differently than a flat bench-press.

The best answer to this question is to adapt your weight training program to suit your own genetic makeup. If you are a tall and thin ectomorph the chances are that you are a hard-gainer. You have always struggled to put on serious muscle and you always will because of the genes you carry, it is as simple as that.

Training a muscle using a different angle will certainly use more of a muscles fibers than the other supporting muscles and connective tissue. If we go back to the incline press analogy we see that isolating the Pectoralis minor in order to increase the spread of your pecs will make you get a big wide chest because you are training correctly.

Another good example but a lot more subtle is the difference between a triceps pushdown done on a cable and a triceps pushdown done using a rope where you grip the rope and pull it behind you. Doing this will specifically isolate the lateral head of the triceps brachii.

Breaking through any plateau that you find yourself in takes a multi-pronged approach and you need to re-examine your whole training schedule. How you train and when you train as well as the food you eat and the supplements you take. Using different exercises to stress your muscles from a different angle has more often than not allowed many bodybuilders to finally break through a training plateau.

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