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No Rest Between Sets

Zero rest between sets for muscle gain.

It should be noted here that this type of intensity in your training is not recommended for people who have been training with weights on a regular basis for less than one year. Similar to doing drop sets you will not be resting between two or even three different movements.

The types of movements you select when doing zero rest should be two movements that can be easily accessed like having a mat to do push-ups on immediately after doing reps on a pec deck. But the movements that you select to do zero rest with should fit into the body-part that you are training that day.

For example one could do skull-crushers for triceps followed immediately without resting to biceps where you would do dumbbell curls. Unlike doing drop-sets you would do 6 to 10 reps with the first movement and 6 to 10 reps immediately afterwards with the second movement.

But that is just getting started as you need to continue this type of training with-out any rest for 15 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes. This is very intense training and requires a total focus on what you are doing so that you are always pushing yourself to the max.

One needs to be careful about the weight that you select so that you are able to continue training without stopping for 15 minutes. The result will be a pump into the targeted body-part that you have never felt before. The end result will be an increase in both strength and size of the body-part selected.

The high intensity l training (HIT) effect that you get from training like this is something that you will certainly feel 48 hours later. Your sore muscles will be telling you the increased strength that you have gained and the shock that you have given your system resulting in maximum returns from your hard training.

One could start off this type of zero rest training with only a light weight so that you know what you are in for when you start to add more weight. If you train at a gym during busy times then this type of training might be a problem and success would be better achieved while training at home by yourself.

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