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Overtraining vs Undertraining

If you look in at any gym no matter what time of day the majority of the people there will be overtraining and not undertraining. There are many people who train on a regular basis with weights that find they not getting the results that they used to.

The main reason is overtraining and not getting enough rest however the level at where a person reaches the point of overtraining will change from one person to the next. We see this when we compare a professional bodybuilding workout to a beginner workout.

Professional bodybuilders have spent years honing the ability to destroy a specific muscle group in the gym needing 5 to 7 days of repair. A beginner who has been training less than a year cannot train with that kind of intensity and can get good results by training the whole body up to three times a week.

But whether you are a professional bodybuilder or not your muscles are still going to need at least 48 hours but preferably more to repair completely from the previous intense workout. This is why training specific body-parts for bodybuilders is the most efficient way of targeting a muscle group every 48 to 72 hours.

Training on a split or a double split routine does not mean you will be immune to overtraining. You need to conduct your training with the same respect that you conduct your rest and recuperation. Good training is balanced with good rest because the one can only exist with the other.

Bodybuilding is a learning curve about your body that is a delicate balance between overtraining and undertraining. But this lesson never stops and these three variables can change your current ability to withstand the damage you do when you train at gym.

The first is your daily nutrition as the ability of your muscles to get all the 9 essential amino acids whenever it needs it post workout will aid your recovery. It will improve protein synthesis and speed up recuperation. The second is your training and your ability to isolate and damage the muscle without any connective tissue damage.

Lastly is your rest and recovery time as targeting a specific muscle group without a minimum of 48 hours will definitely cause overtraining. All bodybuilders need to be constantly aware of the symptoms of overtraining. There are countless different symptoms of overtraining ranging from fatigue, irritability, general aches and pains to headaches.

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