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Get Pumped Workout

We need to understand the pump before we start looking for it and more often than not it is the only reason why a bodybuilder continues to train hard in order to get that "pump". This pump comes from a synchronicity between your training and your mind.

The mind part is simple as it needs you to isolate a specific body-part, which stimulates the countless neuro-muscular pathways to that body-part you are training. The pump is achieved because of lactic acid build-up, which is the by-product of carbohydrate metabolism without oxygen, creating the energy that you need to do the movement.

Sports scientists tell us that this accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles will result in more hypertrophy as faster muscle repair will be aided by the increase in the growth hormone and all other hormone levels in an attempt to get rid of the lactic acid build-up.

The result is that any workout that gets your muscles flooded with lactic acid needs to be less rest between sets than you normally train. This is done by doing giant sets and tri-sets and a good pump workout will usually combine the two but that would depend on how long the person has been training.

A giant set is simply a set a set in which you perform four or more exercises in a row without any rest from one exercise to the next. Tri-sets are where you perform three sets in a row without resting between the sets. A giant set is four different movements all concentrating on one body-part combined with compound movements.

The objective is pre-exhaustion so that an isolated movement will be followed by a compound movement resulting in a greater pump and more hormones released to enable the repair of the greater muscle damage. The side effect of all this extreme training is more lactic acid in the muscle and a greater "pump".

Performing super-slow movements to increase the ability to isolate the muscle is required to get the best pump. This means that the eccentric and the concentric movements are done extremely slowly during the giant or tri-set which makes the tough program even tougher.

Below is just an example of how one would train one body-part if you were training one body-part a day. Your chest workout would be a combination of giant and tri-sets both working on the same body-part and would look like this:

Chest Day 1:
Tri-Set: Dumbbell Flys 12-15 reps
Flat Bench Press 8-10 reps
Incline D/B Press 10-12 reps

Giant Set Dumbbell Press 8-10 reps
Decline D/B Press 8-10 reps
Pec-Deck 8-10 reps
Cable Flys 8-10 reps

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